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David Milward

Linguamatics, UK

Dr David Milward is the Chief Technology Officer of Linguamatics and has 20 years experience of product development, consultancy and research in natural language processing. He is a co-founder of Linguamatics, and designed the I2E text mining system which uses a novel interactive approach to information extraction. He has been involved in applying text mining to applications in the life sciences for the last ten years, initially at SRI International. David has a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, and was a researcher and lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. He has published in the areas of information extraction, spoken dialogue, parsing, syntax and semantics.


Making Knowledge Discoverable: The Role of Agile Text Mining (II-SDV 2012 - 2013) Text Mining Diverse Data (II-SDV 2012 - 2013) Interactive Text Mining Techniques for Patent Search and Mining (ICIC 2010) Synthesising Knowledge by Exploiting Diverse Data Sources: from Microblogs to Patents (ICIC 2011) Unstructured Text in Big Data: the Elephant in the Room (ICIC 2013) Text Mining Patents at Scale: Challenges and Successes (ICIC 2012) Semantic Insights using Agile Natural Language-based Text Mining (ICIC 2009)
David  Milward
David Milward