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is sponsoring the whole Conference

 The company


Infonortics was formed in 1987 by Harry Collier and since then has been active in the fields of international conference and workshop organisation, publishing and related activities in the broad area of professional information products and services. The company is based in Malmesbury, around 130 kilometres west of London.

Infonortics Ltd specialises in the publication of books and reports and in the organisation of meetings, conferences and workshops, capitalising on over 40 years experience in the electronic information industry by the company's founder and managing director, Harry Collier

Infonortics is based in offices in Malmesbury, England, some 150 kms west of London. The company is incorporated in England as a limited company and began trading in December 1987.

Among the better known products initiated by the company are:

  • he series of reports and studies

  •  the annual ICIC meeting and exhibition 

  • the annual Search Engines Meeting

  • the annual II-SDV meeting

 Find more aboout Infonortis: www.infonortics.com